The Organizing Committee of ICPP 2013


Shimai Zeng (China Agricultural University)

Vice Presidents

Peter R. Scott (CAB International)
Richard E. Falloon (New Zealand Institute for Plant & Food Research)
Rongxiang Fang (Institute of Microbiology, Chinese Academy of Sciences)
Wafaa El Khoury (International Fund for Agricultural Development, IFAD)


You-Liang Peng (China Agricultural University)

Vice Chairs

Baodu Li (Qingdao Agricultural University)
Benchun Xiang (Shihezi University)
Bo Liu (Fujian Academy of Agricultural Sciences)
Changyong Zhou (Southwest University)
Daqun Liu (Agricultural University of Hebei)
Dazhao Yu (Hubei Academy of Agricultural Sciences)
Fujiang Wen (Shandong Agricultural University)
Jiliang Tang (Guangxi University)
Jianping Chen (Zhejiang Academy of Agricultural Science)
Wanquan Chen (Institute of Plant Protection, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences)
Xiaobo Zheng (Nanjing Agricultural University)
Youyong Zhu (Yunnan Agricultural University)
Zejian Guo (China Agricultural University)
Zhensheng Kang (Northwest Agricultural and Forestry University)
Zonghua Wang (Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University)

International Advisory Committee

Jan E. Leach (American Phytopathological Society)
Michael W. Shaw (British Society for Plant Pathology)
Andreas von Tiedemann (German Phytomedical Society)
Gert H. J. Kema (the Royal Netherlands Society of Plant Pathology)
Caroline Mohammed (Australasian Plant Pathology Society)
Ichiro Uyeda (Phytopathological Society of Japan)

Scientific Programme Committee

Xueping Zhou (Chairperson, Zhejiang University)
Jin-Rong Xu (Co-Chairperson, Purdue University)

Proceeding and Poster Committee

Zejian Guo (Proceeding Chairperson, China Agricultural University)
Xingzhong Liu (Proceeding Co-Chairperson, Chinese Academy of Sciences)
Zhensheng Kang (Poster Chairperson, Northwest Agricultural and Forestry University)
Yufa Peng (Poster Co-Chairperson, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences)

Finance Committee

You-Liang Peng (Chairperson, China Agricultural University)

Exhibition Committee

Jianqiang Li (Chairperson, China Agricultural University)
Mingguo Zhou (Co-Chairperson, Nanjing Agricultural University)

Local Arrangment Committee

Zhaohu Li (Chairperson, China Agricultural University)
Huimin Wang (Co-Chairperson, Beijing University of Agriculture)


Chenggui Han (China Agricultural University)


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