Sponsorship and Exhibition

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China Association for Science and Technology

National Natural Science Foundation of China

China Agricultural University

Main Sponsor

China Agricultural University

National Natural Science Foundation of China

Beijing Dabeinong Technology Group Co., Ltd.

State Key Laboratory of Agrobiotechnology

Northwest A&F University

State Key Laboratory of Crop Stress Biology for Arid Areas

Hunan Plant Protection Institute

Liaoning Academy of Agricultural Sciences

Zhejiang Academy of Agricultural Sciences

Zhong Nong Lv Kang (Beijing) Biotech. Co., Ltd.

Beijing Society for Plant Pathology

Beijing University of Agriculture

Qingdao Agricultural University

Huazhong Agricultural University

International Society for Plant Pathology

9th International Congress of Plant Pathology


The 973 program of MOST, China

Yunnan Chhi-Min Bio-Engineering Co., Ltd.

Bei Nong (Hai Li) Zhuo Zhou Seed Coating Chemical Co., Ltd.

Henan Zhongzhou Seed Science Development Co., Ltd.

Xinyi Yongcheng Chemical Industrial Co., Ltd.

Beijing Engineering Research Center of Seed and Plant Health

Ningxia Xixia King Winery Co., Ltd.

The American Phytopathological Society

British Society for Plant Pathology

Hebei Wanquan Lihua Chemicals Co., Ltd.

Beijing inspection and Quarantine Testing Center

Technical Sponsors

Key Laboratory of Plant Pathology, Ministry of Agriculture

Beijing Key Laboratory of Seed Disease Testing and Control

China International Conference Center for Science and Technology

Beijing International Convention Center

Beijing Quanyou Tiandi Business Co., Ltd.

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