The Chinese Society for Plant Pathology

The Chinese Society for Plant Pathology (??bet36????) is an academic organization devoted to theresearch and

expansion of the field of plant pathology in China. It has a long history. The society was established by a group of Chinese pathologists in 1929 to promote the development of pathology in China. Over the years, the organization has grown into a national first-rate society, with 14 professional committees and five working committees, 26 local committees and more than 6,500 members from China and abroad. The ??bet36???? became a member of the International Society for Plant Pathology in 1983, and is one of the founding members of the Asian Association of Societies for Plant Pathology. It's headquarter is located in the campus of China Agricultural University.

The ??bet36???? annual meeting and other national symposia are regularly sponsored by ??bet36???? or its professional committees. About 1,000 participants including overseas members attend these meetings, present their recent research achievements, learn about the latest advances in related research areas, and meet with colleagues to exchange ideas and information. The ??bet36???? journal "Acta Phytopathologica Sinica" was initiated in 1955. The Journal publishes articles bimonthly in both Chinese and English, covering fundamental and application aspects of plant pathology. As an indicator of the academic level of ??bet36????, "Acta Phytopathologica Sinica" has been among the most highly rated academic journals in China and is gaining strong recognition throughout international plant pathology society. It strongly facilitates national and international communication.

??bet36???? has carried out a great deal of application research related to the prevention and treatment of plant diseases. Maintaining a close tie with producers, ??bet36???? is active in introducing and distributing new production-oriented techniques. National and international training in the application of these new techniques and services through agricultural extension is also an important part of ??bet36????'s program. All these measures have popularised knowledge of plant pathology, tightened the connection between theory and practice, and contributed to accelerating the development of agriculture in China.

The scientific development of plant pathology is the main concern of ??bet36????. After successfully sponsored the First Asian Plant Pathology Conference in Beijing in 2000 and co-organized the 15th International Plant Protection Congress in 2004, ??bet36???? has now totally prepared itself for the ICPP in 2013.

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