Organizers and Speakers

Plenary Sessions:

P1 ? The Role of Plant Pathology in a Globalized Economy
P2 ? Can We Improve Global Food Security? (ISPP Task Force)

Keynote Sessions:

K1 ? The Role of Plant Pathology in Bio-security and Food Safety
K2 ? Genomics, Proteomics and Plant Pathology
K3 ? Host-Pathogen Interactions and Molecular Plant Pathology
K4 ? Recent Developments in Disease Management
K5 ? Plant Pathology in Asia

Concurrent Sessions:

C1 ? Airborne Plant Diseases and Their Contro-1,2
C2 ? Beneficial Plant Pathogens for Biological Control of Weeds
C3 ? Biological Control of Plant Diseases-1,2
C4 ? Biosecurity and Plant Quarantine-1,2
C5 ? Biotechnological Applications in Plant Disease Control
C6 ? Breeding strategies for plant resistance
C7 ? Cereal Diseases-1,2
C8 ? Chemical control of plant diseases-1,2
C9 ? Climate change and plant diseases What have we learnt in 20 years
C10 Disease Management in the organic farming system
C11 Disease Modeling and Epidemiology-1,2
C12 Diseases of ornamentals and turfgrass
C13 Endophytes
C14 Fastidious and wall-less bacterial plant pathogens-1,2
C15 Forensic Plant Pathology
C16 Fruit trees diseases-1,2
C17 Genomics and Proteomics-1,2,3
C18 Global Seed Health Concerns and Solutions-1,2
C19 Induced Resistance
C20 Invasive and Emerging Diseases
C21 Management of Forest Diseases-1,2
C22 Molecular Diagnostics of Plant Pathogens-1,2
C23 Molecular Host-pathogen Interaction-1,2,3
C24 Mycotoxins
C25 Nanotechnology for Plant Health
C26 Natural Compounds and Disease Control
C27 Nematology and Plant Diseases-1,2
C28 New Careers and Roles for Plant Pathologists
C29 Plant Diseases and Control in Protected Cultivation
C30 Plant Food Security A Network of Excellence on Biosecurity
C31 Plant Pathogenic Bacteria-1,2
C32 Plant Pathology Extension
C33 Plant Virus Diseases and Control-1,2
C34 Plant Virus Epidemiology
C35 Population Genetics and Evolutionary Biology of Plant Pathogens-1,2
C36 Postharvest Pathology-1,2
C37 Precision Agriculture and Plant Pathology
C38 Scientific Publications
C39 Soil-borne plant diseases and their control-1,2
C40 Taxonomy of Plant Pathogenic Bacteria
C41 Taxonomy of plant pathogenic fungi
C42 Teaching Plant Pathology
C43 The Regional Diseases
C44 Tropical Plant Pathology
C45 Vascular Plant Diseases

Evening Sessions:

1 Billion Hungry People: What Can We Do?
Autophagy in plant pathogenic fungi and plants
Blackleg: A Global Threat to Canola, What Can We Do about It?
Current Methods in Population Genetics and Evolution for Plant Pathology
Overview of Edible and Medicinal Mushroom in the USA and China
International Downy Mildews Working Group
Post-harvest Diseases-1,2
Prospects and Limitations of Novel Action Fungicides

Pre- and Post-Congress Workshops:

4th Workshop of the International Cereal Nematodes Initiative
5th International Phytophthora, Pythium, and Related Genera Workshop
11th International Epidemiology Workshop
11th International Fusarium Workshop
Global Root Health Forum
International Workshop on Viroids and Satellite RNAs (IWVdS)
Management of Plasmodiophorid Plant Pathogens to Ensure Food Security
5th International Symposium on Rhizoctonia
15th International Sclerotinia Workshop

Post-Congress Technical Excursion:

Forest Pathology Field Tour
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